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Nichole Leanne Kennedy

Nichole is an Artist. Born and raised in Alaska, she found herself in any form of art she had access to. From paints and clay to playing the french horn & piano and even designing her own clothes and phone cases; she is always emerged in a bubble of creativity. Ever since she was young she had a dream of becoming a supermodel. 

Now she is living in Hollywood, California chasing her life passion of modeling and inspiring other to chase their dreams. Her humble yet confident personality has lead her through many doors since moving to California in 2016. She has been able to connect and work with brands such as Reebok, Serena Williams, Marie Claire, DOPE, ect. But modeling could never be enough for this ambitious artist. She is also involved with the production side of the industry as well; from casting and creative direction to camera work, editing and on site talent direction. She is always on set with a bubbly energy making sure everything is running smoothly from all angles.

Nichole is a women who simply loves to do it all.